Sewing Pattern Tester

The joy of sewing! I’ve let this hobby get pushed to the side pretty frequently, basically everything else takes priority. I can embroider while watching TV, I don’t have to clean off any tables, it all fits in my hard to go.
But sewing? That requires clean space! It’s harder to pick up and pause as needed, and requires a little pre-planning.

I’m in several fabric and pattern designer groups on Facebook. I haven’t sewn since I made my husband a hoodie last year for Christmas. Now it’s winter and my wardrobe is in desperate need of some comfy warm clothes! So when George and Ginger was looking for testers for a fun new shirt, and I had plenty of fabric in my stash, I jumped on it! And I’m so glad I did.

This was my first time being part of a pattern testing and I really enjoyed it. I hope I’m able to be involved in more in the future. I’ll definitely start watching some of my favorite pattern designers for these opportunities in the future.

Deadlines- They gave testers 5 days to finish the project. I have a lot of patterns, but I’m also a great procrastinator. So a deadline for me to just get this done was perfect. Once I downloaded and printed the fabric I had the amazing advantage of bringing it to my Creative Lab to tape the pattern together and cut the material. That definitely made life easier.

Fabric- My fabric was a lightweight sweater knit purchased as a splurge last winter from Surge Fabric Shop . I’m sure I had some sort of plan for it at the time, but that has long been abandoned and forgotten, oops! I might have a fabric problem… Thankfully I had JUST enough of this fabric on hand to make the shirt.

That little strip at the end is how much “extra” I had after cutting out the pattern.

This shirt and fabric combo is amazing! A flowy shirt made to my own measurements, a very easy pattern to follow, and a quick sew. Although, I think when pattern designers say “gather evenly” it’s a joke reminding us why people who do this professionally get paid the big bucks! Thankfully, the gathers are small and, even if not even, still look great with the arm bands attached.

This shirt is warm, cozy, hides the tummy pooch, and looks great (if I can say so myself). I’ll definitely be making more of these when they finalize the pattern.

I’m hoping they add some mods into the final pattern for thumb holes and a bottom band. After wearing the shirt a couple times these are things that would take this pattern from awesome to awesomely amazing! Especially for the long cold winters.

So, if you’re looking for a new shirt, look for the Batty to be released from George and Ginger and don’t procrastinate!

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