DIY Embroidery Kits


These Embroidery Kits made from Poplush make the perfect past time option or a wonderful gift and include everything you to make one of these from start to finish. Kits include: embroidery needle, 5” or 8″ embroidery hoop, cotton fabric pre-printed with the pattern, thread, a stitch guide, and instructions for how to finish the kit for display. Our kits include everything your customers need to start and finish the project.

  • The Kraken 5″
  • Blooming Cactus 5″
  • Dino-Mite 5″
  • Blossom Hunter 8″
  • Dreaming Foxes 8″
  • Floral Profusion 8″
  • Hedgehog Party 8″
  • Solar System 8″
  • Succulent Garden 8″